Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of products are sold at

The main focus of (currently) is women's shoes, clothing, accessories and poses. There will be occasional releases for home and garden.

2. Why does no longer create hair?

As was never meant to be a brand purely associated with hair, we began to taper off on releasing it. The creators behind changed over time and the decision was made to no longer offer new hair.  There will continue to be hair/head accessories! The old hair releases are still available on Marketplace.

3. What are the permissions on products?

All non-mesh clothing, accessories and poses are sold with modify. copy. no transfer permissions. All mesh clothing is currently no modify, this is due to the fact that the mesh clothing is "rigged" (using 3d modeling software) to the avatar body and cannot be edited. Home and garden products will usually be sold with transfer and no transfer options. *This is subject to change at any time but any changes will be updated here. 

4. What happens if I need to exchange an item or request a refund?

Below are reasons why you should contact customer service: 

A. If you purchase the same item more than once.

B. If you do not receive an item you purchased. (For marketplace purchases we can redeliver products from completed transactions only) **You can now have items redelivered yourself using the redelivery terminal in the store.

C. If the item you purchased is transferable (for instance a piece of furniture) you may contact us about an exchange. We cannot exchange no transfer items. 


D. If you believe there is an error or problem with your purchase, you are welcome to contact us to discuss it. We want our customers to be happy! It is for this reason we provide demos to "try before you buy".

**Unfortunately we cannot provide a refund for a mesh product you find does not fit your avatar. We provide demos for you to try and it is very important that you do so, especially with mesh clothing. There is no "one size fits all" option for mesh clothing currently.

5. Who do I contact about any of the issues listed above?

Contact  Darling Monday for all customer service issues. Please send a notecard in-world with your name (full avatar name), transaction(s) and any other important information you think necessary. If you choose to leave your information in an IM (instant message) it may not be received due to messages being capped or the general instability of Second Life®.

6. Does use Standard Sizing for mesh items and what the heck is Standard Sizing?

Yes! All mesh clothing products will be offered in the 5 sizes of Standard Sizing, L/M/S/XS/XXS. There are currently plans to include a couple of other size options in the future but there is no ETA. 

Standard Sizing: 

With the rising popularity of rigged mesh clothing and accessories, we have discovered that it is difficult for shoppers to be sure that designers are creating mesh clothing in sizes that will suit their avatar shapes. Likewise, it is impossible for designers to know how to size their rigged mesh clothing because of the extremely wide range of shapes used in Second Life. In response, we have developed a solution: the Standard Sizing system. 

7. Do you offer gift options?

Yes! You can gift through Marketplace or in-store by clicking on a vendor and choosing the gift option. store on marketplace

8. So are the creators behind and how many of you are there??

That's a good question! Currently the main creator and sole owner of is Darling Monday. There are other creators who have and will be involved from time to time but not on a regular basis. We began with five members but that changed some time ago and continued to go through changes over the years to what it is now. A brand in  Second Life® must evolve and adapt to succeed and goes with the tide!